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Creative dentistry

Our mission is to combine medicine and art. We treat and make people happy, creating beautiful smiles.

We perceive our patients differently – according to the canons of art. We analyse proportions and facial features of our patients. In out treatment plans we combine functionality and aesthetics. We work as a team. Complex planning is what distinguishes us. We treat and at the same time create technically and artistically consistent masterpieces. We rebuild bites, create gorgeous smiles and, as a result, achieve visible improvement of facial features. We use state-of-the- art technological solutions and thanks to them our patients are co-authors of the final results. Aesthetic sensitivity and sense of beauty are with us every day.


Dental offer

From a check-up visit to a better appearance
  • Full scope of dental services
  • Modern equipment
  • Team of top specialists
  • Our own dental lab
  • State-of-the-art technologies

We work as a team, because this is the only way, how we can provide our patients with dental services of the highest quality. These are the standards of the best dental clinics in the world.


Boutique dentistry

Exclusive offer for the most demanding clients

We would like to offer you new quality, a prestigious service, known in the world as BOUTIQUE dentistry, additionally enhanced with the highest safety standards. In short: ONE PATIENT – ONE DAY – ONE ROOM. We give our patients our TIME. The most valuable thing that any person can have. A set of services at the highest level, with the care of a physician providing exclusive patient care, in one sterile room, exclusively separated from our clinic for the WHOLE DAY in the VIP area, on a day convenient for the patient. This personalised service allows you to achieve the best treatment results while maintaining maximum safety standards and ensuring that the patient uses their time efficiently.

Exclusive BOUTIQUE DENTISTRY, called also one-day dentistry, means the highest quality of service and professionalism, supported by our experience of more than 20 years and class and culture of our team, dedicated to the comfort and safety of our patients.

Dentistry is an art!


Dental consultation

You will learn about the condition of your mouth. We will tell you, how can you make you smile even more beautiful. We will plan your treatment. We will explain you, how long will it take to do everything. We will discuss your treatment step by step. We will estimate the initial cost. You will meet your dentist in charge, who will guide you and take care of you during the whole treatment.


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    Friendly professionals

    The Uszyńscy Dental Clinic team is a group of experienced and competent specialists from all fields of dentistry, constantly improving their skills and knowledge at numerous trainings, congresses and symposia in Poland and abroad.

    We are a lively team of passionate specialists. We have been working together for years. We support each other professionally, we are friends in private. We often play sports together. We have a lot of common interests. We all have something in common. It is something, it is our positive attitude towards the world and people. We are open, creative, professional, curious about the world and people…

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