X-ray diagnostics

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Our X-ray laboratory offers a full range of diagnostic imaging of teeth.

We provide high quality images with minimal doses of ionizing radiation.


A radiographer is available to you every day, so that you can analyse the images taken on site. We take all kinds of images in digital recording and on film (for external patients).

Imaging types

We take all types of images in digital recording and on film (for external patients): digital X-ray images:

  • panoramic images (panoramic radiograph) of all teeth
  • lateral cephalometric images
  • images of the paransal sinuses
  • 3D CT images of selected teeth, or of the entire maxilla/mandible (diagnostics for implants)
  • images of the temporomandibular joints (closed and opened).


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    X-ray diagnostics

    Panoramic radiograph
    120 PLN
    150 PLN
    200 - 400 PLN
    Small-size image
    40 PLN