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Dental surgery includes both emergency care, effective in cases with pain not qualified for conservative treatment, and planned surgical procedures.

Types of procedures

We perform such procedures as: extraction, resection, curettage, implantation, maxillary sinus floor augmentation, controlled bone regeneration and removing lesions of the mucous membrane.

Tooth extractions

In our Clinic, it is not only professionalism that counts, but also the atmosphere in which the treatment is performed. Tooth extraction procedures are performed under local anaesthesia, completely painless, or under nitrous oxide sedation. Atraumatically, i.e. in a way that allows to preserve as much bone tissue as possible, which reduces the period of convalescence to a necessary minimum. Thanks to this it is possible to properly reconstruct a lost tooth with an implant in the future. In the case of an impacted wisdom tooth, accurate preoperative diagnostics (CT scans) allows for the selection of an appropriate method, tailored individually.

Implant placement

Implant placement is the most frequently performed procedure in our company.
It allows you to fill in the lack of a single tooth without interfering with the adjacent teeth, as well as to reconstruct a fragment or a whole dental arch in the case of more extensive tooth loss.
During a dental implant procedure a properly selected titanium screw is placed in the bone. The size of the screw, its diameter and length are adjusted to the cross-section of the bone and the height of the alveolar process. In order to select the appropriate size of the implant and choose the implant system, a full diagnostic procedure is performed on-site (CT scan, sinus diagnostic imaging).
After the procedure, several sutures are placed. They are usually removed after about 2 weeks. The next stage of work begins after the period of osteointegration, i.e. after the implant “grows together” with the bone. In the jaw it takes about 6 months, in the mandible – about 4 months. Then the gums are incised painlessly with a laser and the implant is exposed. The healing screw is placed and after a few days the patient is ready for the next stage, which is the prosthodontic one. Then we take impressions or perform a scan for prosthodontic work.
We work on all implant systems available on the market, most often on implants from companies: Straumann, Bego, MegaGen. We have our own certified dental lab – Uszyńscy Dental Lab. We make individual implant connectors ourselves. The whole process of creating prosthodontic work on the implants is fully digitalised, runs quickly and efficiently and ensures high technical quality and aesthetics.

Zabieg chirurgii stomatologicznej

Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus

When the anatomy of the maxillary sinuses or bone atrophy does not allow for immediate implant placement, we perform surgical procedures that allow the implant to be inserted after a period of about 4-6 months.
These are the procedures of bone reconstruction due to bone atrophy and maxillary sinus floor augmentation. This makes it possible to create a bone base in place of planned future implants.
The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. In our clinic, we perform two types of this procedure, i.e. open and closed sinus lift. The first one is used in case of severe bone atrophy, the second one in case when for implant reconstruction we need only a few millimetres of bone more than the patient has. In the first method, between the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus and the alveolar process of the maxilla, bone replacement material is applied. On its basis the patient’s bone is formed. Both the bone taken from the patient and a specially prepared material called xenograft are used for the procedure. In the second method, after preparing the place for the implant, the bottom of the sinus is raised by lifting about 2 mm of the alveolar process towards the maxillary sinus. We have a centrifuge which enables us to obtain platelet rich fibrin (PRF) which additionally supports bone reconstruction. After about 6-9 months we obtain the final effect of the sinus lift and can safely place the implant.

Inhalation sedation and anaesthesia

All surgical procedures are performed under local anaesthesia and are completely painless. It is possible to perform the procedure in premedication in nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or full anaesthetic.

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    250 - 400 PLN
    Deciduous tooth extraction
    150 PLN
    Surgical extraction
    600 - 800 PLN
    Bone restoration
    1000 - 3000 PLN
    Maxillary sinus floor augmentation with biomaterial
    3000 - 4000 PLN