Conservative dentistry

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Conservative dentistry deals with the development and filling of carious cavities.

Conservative dentistry deals with the development and filling of carious defects. Our fillings fully recreate the anatomical shape of teeth, their colour, translucency and internal structures. We are proud of the fact that we are able to precisely model occlusal and facial surfaces, change height, width and shape, improve imperfections, reconstruct parameters from before wear and tear, i.e. bring the teeth back to their ideal shape and correct occlusal parameters, necessary for the work of TMJ and in the rehabilitation of the organ of mastication.

How does the treatment proceed

Our treatment is causal, not just symptomatic. We analyse the situation in detail and eliminate the causes of the unwanted changes that have occurred – so it is an action that has a lasting effect. We plan the treatment in stages, from the beginning to the end, we discuss it in a way that the patient feels safe and together we implement the plan, step by step. Patient education and good cooperation is of great, crucial importance to us. Our patients are conscious, committed patients, and soon they become experts in dentistry.


Aesthetics and materials

For fillings we use materials that allow us to achieve an excellent aesthetic effect. We have several dozen shades of white and pink, as well as materials for special effects, i.e. to characterize the internal structures of enamel and dentin (cracks, discolourations, mamelons, “halo” effect, etc.).

Conservative treatment in children

The conservative treatment of vital teeth in children is almost the same as the conservative treatment in adults, except that we offer glasionomers and composite restorations in different colours in a wide range of materials: blue, green, pink, etc.

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