... paediatric dentistry

Paedodontics deals with dental treatment of children, taking into account the specifics related to the development of teeth, the tooth buds and bone growth.

Gentle work

We conduct a wide range of prophylactic and conservative, surgical and orthodontic treatment of children and adolescents. The youngest children are invited together with their parents for adaptation visits, which are pleasant and funny. Children usually leave the office delighted, with a bunch of gifts and gadgets to play “doctor” at home.

Laughing gas

When necessary, we treat with nitrous oxide. It is a light form of premedication, which helps children (and sometimes adults) to get rid of stress, and at the same time allows to maintain constant contact with a young patient during the procedure. It gives excellent results and is an introduction to a good relationship even with a very difficult patient.

Conservative treatment in children

The conservative treatment of vital teeth in children is almost the same as the conservative treatment in adults, except that we offer glasionomers and composite restorations in different colours in a wide range of materials: blue, green, pink, etc.

Root canal treatment in children

Root canal treatment in children takes into account the anatomy characteristic of the patient’s age, i.e. the degree of resorption of deciduous teeth roots and the degree of development of permanent teeth roots.

Orthodontic treatment in children

The first orthodontic consultation should take place at the age of 5-6 years to check the correct functionality and all habits (breathing, swallowing, chewing). The treatment is most often started in the group of children with so-called mixed dentition, i.e. about 6-8 years old, when there are both primary and permanent teeth in the mouth. Another important stage is the so-called “growth spurt” – it happens when children are about 11-13 years old. The “growth spurt” is our ally when it comes to the expansion of the arch. During this period, fixed braces are usually installed.

Orthodontic treatment in children

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Price list

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Deciduous tooth pulp devitalisation
200 PLN
Deciduous tooth extraction
50 - 250 PLN
Widened teeth sealing
200 PLN
Sedation – nitrous oxide
150 PLN
Deciduous tooth filling
100 - 200 PLN
Permanent tooth filling
150 - 400 PLN
Dental amputation
50 PLN