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Functionality and aesthetics

Treatment in our clinic is holistic (complete), therefore the correction of bite and shape of teeth is always an element of prosthodontic work. Our main principle is combining functionality and aesthetics.

Types of work and cooperation with the patient

We make all kinds of prosthodontic restorations such as: bridges, crowns and veneers, onlays and inlays, and dentures. Very often we perform complex implant-based works. Each case is different. That is why we design each work individually, including many technical and price options, so as to satisfy every patient. We discuss our work with the patient in detail and together we choose the most suitable option. We use models, X-ray images (panoramic radiograph), wax- ups and other virtual digital smile projects. Our patients are co-authors!

What distinguishes us?

Each of our works is characterised by:

  • a comprehensive analysis of the patient (bite and facial features)
  • execution in a correct occlusion (often raised) in a precise articulation system ARCUSdigma by Kavo
  • restoration of tooth surface loss
  • correction of occlusal defects (elimination of intercurrent malocclusion)
  • improving imperfections in the shape and colour of teeth
  • restoration of the correct occlusion, i.e. contacts between teeth
  • own prosthodontic laboratory

Having our own prosthodontic laboratory, we offer you attractive prices, quality and time needed to do the work.


As pioneers of this technology in Poland, we have implemented the CAD-CAM technology and have been using it successfully for years, expanding our equipment and scientific base. This technology shortens the time and increases the precision of work in comparison with traditional methods. The patients receives work of the highest aesthetic value. Works fired by our workers always look like masterpieces.


All prosthodontic works are performed in central occlusion. The height of the vertical dimension of occlusion is adjusted to the physiology of the temporomandibular joint and occlusal parameters. The use of the possibilities given us by digital dentistry combined with the development of our own proprietary method of bite raising makes our prosthodontic works unique in terms of aesthetics and functionality. We perform prosthodontic works from various materials, hence their great variety in terms of price. It gives us the freedom to adapt to the needs and possibilities of each patient. All the works are technically coherent and are based on our main principle of holistic approach to the process of treatment.


Porcelain crowns are installed on shaved, vital tooth tissues or on a properly prepared so-called post and core, performed earlier when the tooth is dead. In such a situation, only the presence of a root in the gum is sufficient in order to restore the tooth. Porcelain crowns are the most durable and aesthetic restoration of teeth. They can be one crown or more of them together; they can reconstruct single teeth or entire dental arches, creating bridges. Porcelain crowns are the most common prosthodontic work.

Metal- or zirconia-based crowns?

The difference is incredible. It concerns “only” the base on which the porcelain is fired, but the final aesthetic effect varies incredibly. The metal base, which is inherently opaque in nature, is covered with subsequent layers. The first layer is opaque and it masks the metal. Later come the layers of porcelain, for which remains relatively little space. The zirconia substructure, which is inherently translucent and comes in many shades and degrees of transparency, is directly covered by the porcelain. The whole keeps the natural colour of its own bone and its translucence. This is particularly visible in strong sunlight. The porcelain crown fired on zirconia, as well as the zirconia crown milled in the so-called full shape, win the competition for aesthetics with porcelain fused to metal crowns.

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    Price list

    Short version


    Porcelain crown (depends on the substructure)
    1000 - 2000 PLN
    Porcelain veneer
    1800 PLN
    Porcelain inlay, onlay
    1200 - 1800 PLN
    Flexible complete denture
    1800 PLN
    Skeleton denture
    2500 PLN
    Snap-on denture
    3000 PLN