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Orthodontics deals with treating malocclusion and dental defects.

Orthodontic treatment

Our advantage is that we always conduct and plan orthodontic treatment including aesthetic consultations. A patient is taken care of simultaneously by at least two doctors – an orthodontist and a doctor in charge. This gives us the possibility to reshape the teeth (width and length) during the orthodontic treatment, whenever such a possibility appears at a given stage (e.g. while widening the dental arches).
At the same time, we conduct specialist consultations depending on your needs.

Orthodontists carry out the treatment in an increased vertical dimension of occlusion, individually chosen. We find space for beautiful shapes and physiological conditions for temporomandibular joints and freedom of movement of teeth.


  • we carry out treatment with fixed and removable braces in every age group
  • we often implement pre-prosthodontic orthodontic preparation
  • we provide rehabilitation of the temporomandibular joints
  • we work on all systems available on the market. We specialise in the self-ligating Damon system (it gives a possibility of widening the dental arches) and in the Insygnia system (the patient has a possibility of tracking the virtual movement of teeth during treatment).

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are attached to the patient’s teeth during the treatment. They are used to treat malocclusion of both adolescents and adult patients. Always together with the patient we choose the type of brackets: metal, aesthetic or self-ligating.

Removable braces

Removable braces correct malocclusion in children, during their natural growth and development. Individually selected and properly used, they can eliminate the need for subsequent treatment with fixed appliances.

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces are braces in which there is no need to use rubber elements to keep the arch in the bracket. The use of the self-ligating device allows to use small forces, which are more delicate for the patient; on top of that, control visits are less frequent and the treatment is shorter.

Temporomandibular joint rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of temporomandibular joints (TMJ) is carried out in many stages: in the dentist’s office and in the physiotherapy room. We use various types of mouth guards, we permanently reconstruct occlusion, providing appropriate support zones as well as static and dynamic occlusal points, and rehabilitate the entire spine. In our holistic approach to treatment, understanding the relationship between the TMJs and the entire spine is crucial. Compensation in the body leads to the formation of degenerations in various sections of the musculoskeletal system and must be treated comprehensively and not only segmentally, causally and not only symptomatically.

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    Price list

    Short version


    150 PLN
    Fixed metal braces (depends on the system)
    2000 - 2500 PLN (per 1 arch)
    Damon braces (fixed aesthetic)
    3000 - 3500PLN (per 1 arch) depending on the number of ceramic locks
    Follow-up visit with fixed braces
    190 -280 PLN