Preventive care

... protection above all

Prevention includes scaling, sandblasting, sealing and varnishing.

Protection above all

Professionally conducted prophylaxis protects teeth against dental caries and periodontal diseases. It also allows you to enjoy the effects of treatment for a long time. In the case of children and adolescents, it fully protects their health needs and allows them to avoid contact with the dentist.

What is scaling?

Scaling is cleaning teeth from deposits of supragingival and subgingival tartar.
Scaling is performed with the use of ultrasound, a modern scaler, equipped with several tips of different shape. After touching with the scaler, the tartar splashes off and reveals a clean tooth. Scaling protects teeth against periodontosis and ensures fresh breath for a long time.


Sandblasting is the cleaning of teeth from dental plaque, which discolorates the crowns, especially the exposed root fragments. The plaque build-up is caused by smoking, drinking coffee, tea, herbs, red wine, etc. A modern sandblasting machine with heated water and fine polishing sand in several flavours provides the patient with unprecedented comfort during the treatment.


Does scaling hurt?

Scaling does not hurt. Similarly to sandblasting, it is completely painless. The warm water used during the procedure provides much less discomfort, because the exposed tooth cervixes are not exposed to thermal shock. Besides, the procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia. For very sensitive patients we offer light sedation under nitrous oxide.

Teeth sealing (Revolution, Helioseal, Gradia flow) and other forms of fluoride treatment:

Teeth sealing is filling the fissures of young permanent teeth with a liquid composite with high fluorine content, which protects teeth against caries and hypersensitivity.

Teeth sealing

Our hygienists take care of our patients’ hygiene by giving professional oral hygiene instructions.
Sealing young permanent teeth is a very responsible task. Teeth must be perfectly healthy and also perfectly cleaned. We always clean teeth with a sandblasting machine, carefully check the fissures so that there is no caries at all, and then we seal them with preparations containing fluorine. Teeth sealing floods and thus shallows the fissures, while lacquering covers the entire surface of the tooth with fluoride varnish. Then the varnish is removed by brushing the teeth, while the sealing remains on the teeth permanently or at least for a very long time (several years).

Teeth whitening

Dental hygienists also take care of beautiful smiles by performing teeth whitening treatments. We use all the whitening methods at the patient’s disposal and we recommend them, depending on the patient’s needs. We do tray-based teeth whitening as well as whitening with the Beyond lamp and with laser.

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Price list

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Preventive care

Scaling and sandblasting
200 - 350 PLN
100 - 200 PLN
Fluoride treatment
100 - 150 PLN
Whitening (tray – lamp – laser)
800 - 1200 - 1700 PLN